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An Association of Massage Therapists Receives 2010 Best of South Lake Tahoe Award for the second consecutive year.
An Association of Massage Therapists has been selected for the 2010 Best of South Lake Tahoe Award in the Massage Therapists category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).

What are “knots”?
As you first lay down on the massage table and your therapist runs their hands down your back and around your shoulders you might feel areas of tightness and wonder “is that a “knot"? What are “knots”?

What does massage do for stress?
Research has confirmed that massage helps reduce stress by reducing adrenaline, and increases circulation to visceral organs.

Massage music and stress
The music played in massage has the beat of a relaxed heart rate. Listening to this beat causes our heart rate to entrain to the beat’s relaxed rhythm.

Massage as art
Have you noticed that when you go to a new massage therapist and request a Swedish or sports massage you’re never sure exactly what you’ll get? Why is that?

Massage and soreness
Ever wonder why you get so sore after a day of skiing, biking, running, or pulling the one armed bandits at the casinos?

Massage Contraindications Cautions are considerations for specific health issues. You might wonder if it’s alright to get a massage when you have a health issue or condition. Here’s a brief reference list of the massage contraindications and indications for some of the more common health issues and how we may modify your massage for these health conditions. A massage contraindication means massage is not advisable on a particular part of the body or in general. An indication means it’s alright to massage without any additional caution. This information may help you determine if massage is appropriate for you.

Facial self massage and Sjogren's Syndrome: parotid, submandibular, submental, and lacrimal areas Although there is currently no research available on the effectiveness of massage for Sjogren's Syndrome, extensive research concludes that moderate massage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, relieving anxiety and pain, and increasing blood flow.
Via parasympathetic stimulation, it is possible that facial self-massage may enhance the PNS production of water-rich serous saliva.

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