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What are knots?

As you first lay down on the massage table and your therapist runs their hands down your back and around your shoulders you might feel areas of tightness and wonder “is that a “knot"? What is a knot? Maybe this will help to explain. If someone asked you to “make a muscle” you’d curl up your arm and make it hard. When you finished, you’d let go and the muscle would be soft again. Knots are when you make the muscle and don’t let go. This continuous contraction of the muscle causes little cells in the muscle called proprioceptors to activate. Their job is to keep the contraction going. Trouble is - they don’t report to the conscious part of your brain and are on auto-pilot. It’s like having a program running in the background on your computer. That’s why when you give a conscious command to the muscle to relax, it doesn’t respond. Massaging the contracted muscle reconnects your conscious awareness and is like manually going into the program giving the command “end program now!” Ahhhh - that’s better. Amazing how ending those background programs of contracted tension will allow increased circulation and freedom of movement – turning the “k-nots” into “yeses”.

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