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Referrals, Reviews, Recommendations

Massage Client Reviews and Referrals

Whether you’ve received a massage before, or are in the midst of your first massage experience, you no doubt recognize it’s a challenge to find an experienced, well-trained therapist. Referrals from others often can assist in your search. Clients, local Tahoe hotels, and concierge have recommended our service with confidence since 1984.

An Association of Massage Therapists Receives
2010 Best of South Lake Tahoe Award
for the second consecutive year.

An Association of Massage Therapists has been selected for the 2010 Best of South Lake Tahoe Award in the Massage Therapists category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA). Read full press release

"As Hotel Concierge at Embassy Suites Resort and Harrah's Lake Tahoe since 1992, I have often been asked to recommend a good massage therapist. An Association of Massage Therapists are the therapists we call upon for these requests. They have always provided superior service to each and every one of our hotel guests, are always prompt and willing to accommodate our guests at a moments notice. We have had constant feedback from our hotel guests about how much they enjoyed the professionalism and great massages from this group of therapists. On several occasions our return guests have called in advance to specifically request massage service from An Association of Massage Therapists during their upcoming stay. In fact, many guests wouldn't accept any other therapists. Harrah's V.I.P. department calls upon An Association of Massage Therapists to give in room massages to their invited V.I.P. guests because these guests expect the very best treatment when they are staying and playing at Harrah's. These V.I.P. guests are wealthy, well traveled people who get massages often. They all agree that these therapists are the best!" Kathy Collins, Northern Sierra Concierge Association, President

"As Hotel Supervisor in charge of the Health Club and Spa, many guests have thanked me personally for recommending An Association of Massage Therapists to our guests. Comments such as professional, knowledgeable, and a lifesaver are often given in reference to their services. They are dependable, reliable, and offer the highest quality massages. I highly recommend their services." Dorothy Hastie, Hotel Supervisor, Health Club and Spa, Harrah's Lake Tahoe

"An Association of Massage Therapists provides our in-suite massage service at Embassy Suites Lake Tahoe Resort. Their professionalism, promptness, and customer services are unsurpassed in their field. I'm proud to represent them with my guests. I highly recommend An Association of Massage Therapists as a wonderful amenity." Jean Gurney, Lead Concierge, Embassy Suites Resort Lake Tahoe

"An Association of Massage Therapists has provided massage therapy for our property, Embassy Suites Resort Lake Tahoe, since opening in 1992. We receive numerous compliments from our guests regarding the massages as well as the therapists’ pleasant dispositions. We truly enjoy having these massage therapists associated with our Hotel." Steve Solberg, Hotel Manager, Embassy Suites Resort Lake Tahoe

Therapeutic and professional: For our second annual Girls Getaway I wanted to try something different, at home spa treatment services. I wanted all the girls to be able to relax in house, while awaiting their treatments. I was a little nervous about the noise of seventeen women being too much, the therapists not showing up or backing out at the last minute, etc. Well, this was certainly not the case!!! Nancy, was prompt in repsonding to my initial inquiry. She made the process of arranging the treatments for twelve women very easy. Nancy, Kathi and Ken arrived on time, were very professional, and ALL twelve girls who received treatments were extrememly pleased!!! It was a great way to end our trip. And, I will definitley seek their service again when in Tahoe, whether alone or with a group! I feel fortunate to have had Nancy give me massage. After months of training and completing my first marathon in June, 2010, my shoulders carried most of the stress. She did an AMAZING job of finding every little overworked muscle and stress point, in my shoulders and the rest of my body, and slowly worked through it. I wish I could take her home with me!!! Kendra Borges Sept 2010

This is such a wonderful service - very convenient. Just wish I could take them home to Texas with me! My therapist was exceptional - just the right pressure and she found all the right spots to work out. I'm a very satisfied customer and will definitely recommend to friends coming to Tahoe. Susan Lipowski,  Real Estate agent, Dallas, TX

I am spoiled by massage therapist, Nancy. She is really gifted. Very professional- I trust her.
Boni Montgomery, Puppeteer, Milwaukee, WI

Recently my wife and I were visiting Lake Tahoe for a few days on the slopes and decided to book a couple of massages after each day of skiing. Experience has taught me not to expect more than a decent massage and every once in a while you get a surprise. Well let me tell you what a surprise I got when I let Julie Horback work on this tired body. It was one of the top three massages that I have ever had and possibly the best. I have been to some of the nicest spas in the US. I asked for a sports massage and told her to work me over and boy did she give it to me. It was one of the first times in my life that I almost had to ask someone to back off but my pride wouldn’t let me because my wife was in the room. Julie worked on my wife the next day and focused on some headache problems that she had been experiencing for the last few months and clearly understood what she was talking about. My wife had the same experience. Julie please move to Memphis. John Abington, Memphis, TN  

Over the last several years the masseuses at Lake Tahoe Massage Therapy have
helped me tremendously. Not only have they helped me recover from a variety
of sports injuries but have worked with me to help with a disorder that
effects my back and shoulders. They are always professional and approach my
various problems (self induced as well as medical) with kindness and
compassion. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for the best in care. Jeff Volimas, South Lake Tahoe

I have had the privilege of receiving approximately 10 massage treatments from Kathi. Each and every time I have gone to her I have come away completely relaxed and rejuvenated. Her expertise and knowledge of massage work is evident from the results in which I have experienced. I recently was in an automobile accident and had a headache before one of her treatments. After the massage, my headache was completely gone and I attribute that to the wonderful work Kathi performed. I would highly recommend her to anyone who would like a truly relaxing experience. 
Sarah , California

I messed up my back when I hit a tree skiing. Ken gave me a massage and it feels ALOT better! Ken's a healer. I could feel all those healing vibes while he was working on me. He's REALLY a healer! James, South Lake Tahoe

I've had alot of massages and often been disappointed - but this was GREAT!!! Thanks You!!! Gina M. California

Thank you for the wonderful massage! You really helped my hip and my skiing on Sunday!! Lisa K.

My wife and I were in Tahoe in June and loved the massages you gave us!
Geoff H.

Thank you so much for the amazing bodywork that you gave to Tom and I when we were just in Tahoe celebrating our one year anniversary.  I feel so blessed that we found you.  I love to meet talented people and consider it an honor and a privilege when I meet a healer.  I thank you for being so gifted and giving us some of our best bodywork ever! When I meet quality, like-minded persons I feel also very blessed.  Christine A., California

My husband and I love the treatments we get from Kathi. She is a calming and pleasant person and her massage techniques are wonderful! Each time we have had a full body massage, she is responsive to whatever areas need special attention, usually my neck and shoulders, and my husband's lower back. After a day of hiking or skiing, her treatments are especially welcome! Kathi is an extremely professional and talented therapist, very concerned for those she treats. We trust her completely, have recommended her to friends and family, and always look forward to the healing and relaxing experience of getting a massage from Kathi! 
Mitzi Mortimer, Human Resources Analyst, Cayucos, California

I just HAD to write to tell you what a PHENOMENAL massage Jeanette gave me - I am extremely, extremely pleased because she truly listened to what I needed and delivered perfectly. Thank you for having such a responsive and knowledgable therapist.

With tremendous appreciation, Toni








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