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Massage Stories

I’ll Bet You Have Some Massage Stories To Tell!

After working with thousands...and thousands of clients over the years in practice, each of our massage therapists has at least a few stories to tell about situations that have made us smile or helped us grow as therapists. Here are a few of our treasured memories.

At the conclusion of her session, one client confided that during the massage she had heard someone snoring and “wished that they’d shut up so she could relax in peace and quiet”...until it suddenly dawned on her that she was the one snoring!  She had fallen into the detached state that those who practice meditation strive for years to achieve. That state is similar to the feeling one gets right before falling asleep and is often characterized by a detached awareness where one is still aware of what’s going on...but who cares!

A gentleman in his 90’s came in for his first-ever massage. He was very quiet during the session, but at the end softly said, “Next time around I’m gonna marry me a masseuse!”

After working on a client for the hour session at her hotel room, I was about to leave the massage table to wash my hands in the restroom when she asked if I’d do one more thing for her. She said, “I want you to walk into the other room and look in the closet. You’ll find a large red suitcase. I want you to open it up and climb in because I’m taking you home with me!”

People often comment that an hour of massage flies by very quickly. When I arrived at a hotel room one Sunday afternoon, the client was watching a football game and asked if he could leave the TV on while we started the massage so he could catch the last few minutes of the game. An hour later as we ended our session, the game was finally finishing. It was then that I realized – there’s nothing longer than a football minute and nothing shorter than a massage minute!

Check back often – we’ll be adding more massage stories.

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