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Massage, music, and stress


One of the first responses to stress is increased heart rate as the body rushes blood to the arms and legs in preparation for “fight or flight”. The music played in massage has the beat of a relaxed heart rate. Listening to this beat causes our heart rate to entrain to the beat’s relaxed rhythm. This is the same phenomenon experienced in a room full of clocks – the clocks will all entrain and tick in unison. Not only will our heart rate entrain to the beat of the music, but our brainwaves also entrain to the frequencies played as notes and harmonies. No wonder it’s such an important part of the massage! I get most of my music from http://www.serenitymusic.com/
I like to listen before buying and Serenity has that feature on their web site. No, I’m not part of an affiliate program - just really appreciate the music and also find their philosophy to be genuine and heartwarming.

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