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What does massage do for stress?


When we allocate most of our resources to a “fight or flight” response in situations we perceive as stressful, our arms and legs get the lions share of our personal energy budget while the major organs go into starvation mode. Over time this takes a toll on our health and well-being. Our sense of ease is disturbed and will eventually create dis(turbed)-ease, disease.
Anything we can do to reduce the adrenal stress response will be a step in the right direction. Research has confirmed that massage helps reduce stress by reducing adrenaline, and increases circulation to visceral organs. Why do the visceral organs need increased blood and lymph flow? Blood brings nutrients and oxygen to the cells, and lymph carries away the “trash”. As adrenaline is reduced during massage, the cells of your vital organs receive more nutrients and oxygen, and the debris is flushed away creating a healthier environment for the cells...ahhhh. Everyone flourishes in a healthy, supportive environment – even our cells.


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