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Massage As Art

Have you noticed that when you go to a new massage therapist and request a Swedish or sports massage you’re never sure exactly what you’ll get? Why is that? Well, if 10 people signed up for an art class and each student painted the same picture, everyone’s rendition of the original would be a little (or a lot) different. Although all therapists are trained in the various modalities, they will each add their own uniqueness in the implementation of those techniques – just as an artist does when creating their work. Within the broad category of “Swedish” or “sports” massage, there’s a whole host of specific skills a therapist can employ. For most massage clients, the main concern is depth of pressure. Some like light, others like medium, and some enjoy deep work – whether it’s Swedish or sports or reflexology. For this reason, we have chosen to categorize our massages based on pressure rather than by technique. Why does deep pressure cost more than medium or light? Just as highly concentrated, professional strength products cost more, deep pressure massage costs more because the therapist must apply greater strength and work harder.

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