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How to Massage VIRGO

Virgins often isolate themselves, focusing so intensely on work obligations that their nerves begin to fray. This nervous energy reeks havoc with their digestive system, and may lead to minor symptoms such as indigestion, upset stomach, and headaches.
The methodical virgin will insist on your attention to details during massage. Tidy your techniques. Be precise with all pressure points. Under no circumstances should you skip a leg to do an arm and then jump back again. Keep it organized.

After you have worked your magic, and are glowing with the satisfaction of having helped your Virgo reach a blissful state of relaxation, don't be surprised when they suddenly jump off the table, and want to immediately massage you. Virgins fervently abhor feeling indebted to anyone for anything. If you refuse, they will at least help you tidy up, packing up the table and putting away the supplies. Don't resist. They love to be of service.

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