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URINARY system

Elimination of excess fluids, which contain metabolic by­products. Fluids make up more than 90 percent of our bodies. Proper circulation of these fluids is the key to good health. Fluids circulate throughout all the systems - -servicing, cleaning, nurturing, defending, lubricating and energizing the body. For instance, as your blood circulates, it produces heat. If you have trouble staying warm, it could be due to slow circulation caused by poor elimination of wastes. On the other hand, sweat is our coolant system. If the skin pores are blocked, you may have trouble staying cool in warm temperatures.
As mentioned, muscles can trap fluids, creating stagnate cesspools; lymph can refuse to pickup cellular wastes. If fluid movement is restricted anywhere in the body, trouble ensues.
Massage can help keep the river running, eliminating the tensions that restrict fluids from flowing freely. When pressure is applied during massage, soreness leaves as the irritating, stagnant fluid clears.

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