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Every person who studies this course will interpret the techniques differently, administer them uniquely and feel them personally. Is that OK? Absolutely. If you took an art class, would all the students' projects look the same? In this way, massage is an art form.

How can you enhance your creative, individual style? Notice how those you work on are reacting to your touch. What is their body telling you? Also, be receptive to your own feelings. What feels best to you? What doesn't feel quite right? Make any necessary adjustments until you feel comfortable. Often, what feels best to you will feel really great for them.

The touch of massage must be done with love, care and focus. Focus on feeling a connection between yourself and those are you massaging. Mentally relate to the cells of the body. Encourage and reassure each fiber. When you convey a message of well-being to another, you must find it within yourself, first. This is perfect practice for your own peace of mind. Expect what you send out to echo back to you...It will.

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