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Massage Rules

The rules of massaging others follow good hygene, common sense, and are intended to keep both you and those you massage safe and comfortable.

1. Your hands should be washed with soap and water before and after each treatment.
2. Your friend should be warm and comfortable.   
3. You should avoid undue chilling of the exposed skin either by contact with cold hands or cold atmosphere.
4. Every massage should be preceded and followed by a short rest period.
5. For soothing effects, delicacy of touch will be found more effective than the application of force or pressure.
6. In the treatment of obesity, the exercise of considerable strength is not only permissible but essential.
7. The vigor of the massage treatment is slowly and grad­ually increased according to the condition of your friend.
8. Massage should never be applied so vigorously that it induces fatigue in your friend.
9. Avoid scratching your friend’s skin by having your nails filed short.
10. Avoid heavy pressure, rapid movements or jarring con­tact that conveys fear or injury.
11. Never use any form of heavy stroking against the venous blood supply.
12. Never massage the body soon after a meal.
13. Any point on the skin that is tender and hyper­sensitive should be the last to receive attention.
14. The average duration of a local massage (on a single area) should only last from ten to fifteen minutes. General full body massage will take about an hour.

No matter how GREAT a massage is, there are times people need to put off having a massage.  One should not get a massage when they have
·         a severe cold, flu, or acute infectious disease.  A massage during these times may overload your system with toxins and make you feel worse.
·         A high fever
·         Acute injury immediately after an accident which resulted in whiplash, sprains, and soft tissue damage.  Massage at a later time will be more effective.
·         Acute conditions – things that are “flared up” temporarily like inflamed arthritis, phlebitis, psoriasis, and eczema
·         Alcohol or drug intoxication – massage is just not healthy when you’re intoxicated or heavily drugged.

One should g et a lighter massage when they have

  • Varicose veins
  • High blood pressure that hasn’t been controlled by medication
  • Diabetes – deeper massage may cause a hypoglycemic reaction
  • A very frail, elderly constitution
  • Osteoporosis

When health conditions are not suggested for massage, energy treatments are often still okay to receive.

It’s important to know when a massage treatment is indicated, how it can be modified for the greatest benefit, and under what circumstances massage should not be done. These massage rules are a guide to establish safe and effective practice and in adjusting the treatment to suit the needs and requirements of those you massage.

Massage should never be applied to an area of the body if any of these conditions are present:
On an injury or skin abrasion
On skin diseases
On tumors
On a pregnant uterus

For a complete list of massage cautions and considerations for specific health issue see our massage contraindications page


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