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What is a muscle cramp?

Muscles are made up of thousands of cells called fibers. Each fiber has an on/off switch. It's either on or off - no in between. When we're sleeping, less of the fibers are turned on; when we're exercising more are turned on. A cramp is when way too many cells are turned on all at once.

What is the best and quickest way to relieve a muscle cramp?

Some of the commonly suggested remedies include stretching, drink fluids to stay hydrated, take a muscle relaxant, drink pickle juice, soak the muscles in an Epsom salt bath, and eat a banana to replenish potassium.

The one remedy that works within minutes for many is deep breathing – not to the point of hyperventilation, but taking long, slow deep breaths. This is a quick, effective method...and it’s free.

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