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How To Massage Like a Professional Online Massage Video

Learn the massage techniques professionals use and get professional results


At one time or another, you might have had friends who have asked you to rub their shoulders or their head and feel... "Oh please, the back too!" Instinctively, you knew what to do and how to do it. They purred; you felt really good about sharing a sense of wellness with someone. You might have wondered what you might do to make this experience even more meaningful. You might have asked, "How can I learn to massage more effectively?"

"How To Massage Like A Professional" is a Free online video massage course intended to help you work more effectively as you learn to massage friends and family with professional massage techniques for enhancing relaxation, stress reduction, and a greater sense of well-being. By watching the online massage video you'll easily learn to use massage techniques used by professionals. A clear understanding of how massage benefits the body is offered.

To use this course, first read the online massage class workbook "How To Massage Like A Professional". It's helpful to refer back to this workbook for information as questions arise while you watch the video sections. Remembering that the skin is like a book's cover, this workbook will help you to know each page underneath that cover by studying the muscle, skeleton, and lymphatic illustrations provided. To gain a better appreciation for what you'll be touching during massage, try to locate each bone and muscle on your own body. Knowing the bones and muscles of your own body will give you a better understanding about where these structures are located as you massage others' bodies. Quite simply, the more you understand and know about the body, the more effective you will be as you practice massage. Be sure to look over the course outline to familiarize yourself with the progression used by professional massage therapists as they conduct a massage session. Lastly, enjoy the information concerning the folklore and history of massage, body systems, sun signs, and more thoughts on massage.

As you work along with the massage video to learn techniques, all that you learned in the workbook will start to come to life. It's helpful to take notes as you watch the video portion the first few times.

We truly hope this course will benefit you and others, and will encourage you to engage in the pleasurable activity of massage... OFTEN!

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