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Chemical regulation. This system sends out chemicals to keep everything balanced in the body. Glands produce the chemicals, then released them into the blood stream.

Oriental philosophy has long recognized a link between the glands that regulate chemical activity in our physical body and seven major energy centers in our "etheric" body. The "etheric" body, generally unseen by the human eye, is believed to receive and transmit vital life-energy. These seven energy centers, or "chakras", and their corresponding glands are

Root chakra - the adrenal glands, located at the base of the spine - is our center for grounding energy, linking us to the earth's energy.

Hara chakra - gonads, located in the lower intestines ­is our moving center, providing us with our sense of vitality.

Solar plexus chakra - pancreas, located in the solar plexus - is our emotional center, generating and receiv­ing the energy for our personal power.

Heart chakra - thymus, located in the heart region - is our love center, emitting and responding to compassion.

Throat chakra - thyroid, located in the throat area ­governs our energy of self-expression.

Third eye chakra - pituitary, located just above and between the eyebrows - is the energy center for our imagination.

Crown chakra - pineal, located at the top of our head ­is the energy center for our intuition.

These chakras and corresponding glands function best when the energies are balanced. Oriental philosophy believes that through massage the centers will pulse in harmony.

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