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BUTTERFLY STROKE: An effleurage stroke which alternates pulling the hands together and pushing them apart while moving up the body.

CUPPING: A type of percussion done with cupped palms. This motion creates a suction to clear congestion.

EFFLEURAGE: Long, smooth, gliding strokes with the hands over the skin's surface; the type of stroke used for oil application.

FRICTION: Rubbing done with fingers or palms to produce deep heat which helps muscles relax and breaks up waste deposits in tissues.

HACKING: A type of percussion done with the fleshy part of the sides of the hands. Wrists should be kept very loose to achieve a rebound effect.

NERVE STROKE: A light effleurage stroke done with the fingertips to sedate the tactile nerves.

PERCUSSION OR TEPOTMENT: Striking the body with a series of rapid, gentle, beating motions to improve circulation or relieve congestion.

PETRISSAGE: A kneading motion bringing the muscle over the top of itself. This squeezes the muscles, "milking" them of any accumulated toxins that may be causing pain or soreness.

POLARITY: Resting your hands on two body parts simultaneously, creating a relaxing energy-flow through the electromagnetic field.

PRESSURE POINTS: Points of muscle origin or insertion; or lymphatic drain; or energy points.

PUMP: Surrounding a body part with the hands in a clasp, alternately squeezing and moving up the limb in a pumping motion. This increases the blood circulation and forces the lymph to move through its cleansing nodes.

REFLEXOLOGY: The practice of applying pressure to an energy reflex point. When food is converted to energy in the cells, the energy is released and flows along specific pathways through the body. These energy pathways are called "meridians". Like global meridians, they conform to the body's electromagnetic field. The meridians from every area of the body are thought to flow into the hands, feet and ears, setting up a concentration of reference points - an "index". Pressure applied to the "index point" can help restore a balanced, even energy-flow to the reflex area; hence the term, "reflexology".

ROCKING: Moving any body part or whole gently back and forth between the hands.

STRETCH: Moving muscles gently to their furthest extension. Stretching should be done only to the point of resistance.

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