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History of Biogenesis Energy

In the early 1970's, Hannah Kroeger, one of the six holistic pioneers of the twentieth century, as listed by New Life Magazine, and founder of the first health food store west of the Mississippi River, decided to start a small chapel. She asked Linda Demaray, her best friend, if Linda's family would like to join. At one of the first meetings at this little chapel, where only the Kroeger and Demaray families were present, a tall man walked in the chapel; he wore a long white robe and a tall high-priest's hat. He proceeded to go to each person present and tell them the gift of the Holy Spirit that they had for this embodiment. When he came to Cindy Demaray (Linda's daughter), he told her that she would bring Light to the world.

After addressing each person, he walked outside and the two families followed. Standing in an empty field, this tall man addressed Linda Demaray saying "Your daughter has great vision. Believe her when she tells you she sees things. She is to bring Great Light to the world." Linda turned to look at Hannah Kroeger, who was standing to her left, and Hannah exclaimed, "Believe him! Believe what he tells you! He's a Holy Man! He's a Holy Man! Believe him. Believe what he says." Linda then turned to ask the tall man a question, but he had disappeared. Linda asked Hannah if she had seen where he went, but she had not. Asking the others present if they had seen where this man had gone, Linda discovered nobody had seen him leave. Standing in a large, open field, he had simply disappeared in a split second; and yet, each one present had seen him, had heard him, and had physically touched him.

Nearly 25 years later, Cindy Demaray was visited by another tall man who appeared tangibly for her to see. This man explained that he was as Ascended Master named Lantos, and that he was here to provide assistance. One-and-a-half years later, this Ascended Master provided Cindy with instructions on how to bring forth the technology of Biogenesis, which since has helped so many people in the United States and the world.

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