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Does Biogenesis work? A few experiences...

Here are just a few of our experiences with clients:

M. Gilbert, a real estate agent from Houston, had suffered with clinical depression for 2 years. During her visit to Tahoe she contacted us. After her first Biogenesis session she reported that the next morning she felt like a cloud had lifted and found herself actually laughing for the first time in years. The next day she asked for a follow-up session and said she felt a miracle had happened to her. Feeling like her old self again, she hoped it would last. Several months later she still felt fantastic and was thrilled!

D. Toso, a horse trainer from Central California, was having trouble with severe knee pain caused by a riding accident. At the end of her massage I asked if she’d like to try a few minutes of Biogenesis energy. She agreed and we spent no more than 5 minutes on her knee. Her eyes were closed during the work so she didn’t see what I was using. Afterwards she stood up and was amazed that her knee pain was completely gone and flexibility had returned. She wanted to see what I used and when I showed her the glass tool she couldn't believe it. She said it felt electrical and wanted to know where the wires were. I showed her how simple it was to use and she started naming all the people she would love to use it on. We agreed that she could take it home with her and try using it on them. She did and was so happy that she purchased one.

B. Montgomery, a TV talent from Milwaukee, injured her back lifting and couldn’t get out of bed. After a 30-minute massage we agreed to try adding 30 minutes with the Biogenesis tools. After the treatment she fell asleep and woke up a few hours later needing to visit the restroom. On her way down the hall she realized, “Hang on...I’m walking...and with no problem!” The next day, her back felt perfectly fine.

C. Motak, a retired hairdresser from Placerville, had excruciating arthritis pain in her knees for 30 years. While the Biogenesis tools were being used on her she felt “strange pulling sensations. That night she said “the pain was so severe it woke me up – and then BOOM – it stopped”. The next morning she was scheduled to go on a tour that entailed hours of walking and many flights of stairs – which would ordinarily have been incredibly painful for her. To her utter amazement she had no pain during the tour and several years later the pain still had not returned.

M. Knight had chronic neck pain from spending hours knitting every day. During a visit to Tahoe a concierge suggested she try a Biogenesis session from us. (The word is out and many hotel concierges are sharing their experiences with guests, recommending Biogenesis sessions from us.) After her massage and Biogenesis session, as she was checking out of the hotel she ran into the concierge who asked her how her neck pain felt. She simply exclaimed “what pain?!”

Speaking of concierge... H. Tuttle, a Tahoe concierge, blew out his knee in a snowboarding accident and was preparing for surgery on it. After 2 Biogenesis treatments he was showing everyone how he could do deep knee-bends without pain or difficulty and is now one of Biogenesis’s biggest promoters.
C. Juretsche, another Tahoe concierge, took a bad fall on some ice and couldn’t move her neck. Just 30 minutes of Biogenesis restored full range of motion and the pain was completely gone. She said, “It’s like a miracle...it IS a miracle!”

The list goes on – headaches, kidney failure, snoring, fibromyalgia, addictions, digestive problems, cancer, and many, many more! 
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