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BioGenesis Energy Session

For most people BioGenesis Energy Sessions are deeply relaxing and healing. Sometimes they experience tingles, seeing colors, or other sensations during the treatment. Afterwards, an “energy shift” can be felt as the pains and conditions improve or disappear.
During a one hour BioGenesis session you will remain fully clothed as your therapist will work several inches above your body – within your energy “field”.  Or you may choose to add a BioGenesis Energy session to complete your massage or spa treatment for an even deeper sense of peace, harmony, and restoration.

We bring a comfortable, sturdy professional massage table.
After discussing your areas of concern with you, your therapist will design a BioGenesis Energy session specifically for you, using their knowledge and experience to ensure you receive a personal treatment and enjoy the maximum benefits from your session.

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Appropriate for all emotional, physical, and spiritual conditions.


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