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Providing therapeutic massage and spa treatments to South Lake Tahoe in room at your hotel or Tahoe vacation home

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About In-room Massage and Spa Sessions

Enjoy the ultimate in convenience and comfort during your Lake Tahoe vacation with an in-room massage or spa treatment – the perfect complement to complete a day of skiing, golf, or any of Lake Tahoe’s activities. One client commented that massage goes with skiing like wine with dinner. How true! We bring a comfortable, sturdy professional massage table, fresh cotton linens, fragrant natural oils, and carefully selected music all right to your location.

  • No maps
  • No traffic
  • No parking

To prepare for your in-room session, please make sure the heat is turned to a comfortable temperature in the room where your massage will take place. About 74-76 degrees is customary. Cell phones should be turned off, and a “Do Not Disturb” sign hung on your door. We recommend that you be in your room at least 15 minutes before your appointment time. In order for us to uphold our professional standards of promptness, we regret that we're unable to offer you additional time if you arrive late for your appointment. If we are late starting your appointment you will of course receive the full time.

When your massage therapist arrives, they will discuss your state of health and areas of concern with you to design an individual treatment specifically for you, using their knowledge and experience to ensure you receive a personal treatment and enjoy the maximum benefits from your session. As they set up their table and music, you will be asked to wrap-up in a hotel robe or bath towel. You may leave on any clothing you’re most comfortable with. You will be properly covered throughout your treatment to insure your privacy and comfort.

Once you are comfortably on the massage table and your session begins, please be sure to communicate with your therapist

  • If the pressure they are using is not comfortable (too much or too little)
  • If the room temperature is uncomfortable
  • If there is anything you’d like your therapist to be aware of that would make your session more comfortable

At the completion of your treatment, your therapist will leave the room momentarily to wash their hands, giving you an opportunity to arise from the table.

As your therapist is gathering her tools and packing up, they will ask what form of payment you’d like to use. We accept cash or personal checks with proper ID. Embassy Suites Hotel guests may charge the service to their rooms. We are not able to take credit cards as payment. It is customary to tip your therapist.

We truly hope you enjoy every moment of your massage or spa session and experience


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