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7 Steps to a Great Massage

Step #1

Choose a massage therapist who has vast massage training, years of experience in a massage practice, and is recommended by a trusted source.  If you’re on vacation in Lake Tahoe, you might ask your hotel concierge for a recommendation – they will be happy to share their favorite Tahoe massage with you.  If you are looking for a massage therapist in your hometown ask your doctor, or go on-line to the American Massage Therapy Association.  Click to read about the training, experience, and credentials of our South Lake Tahoe massage therapists.

Step #2

Location, location, location.  Once you’ve chosen an experienced massage therapist who’s highly recommended, you can either choose to have them come to you (recommended) or travel to them.  Why is it better to have them come to you?  Luxury!  Convenience!  And it helps you get the very most from your massage.  How so?  When the massage therapist in Lake Tahoe comes to you, you don’t have to stress about getting to their location on time, and you don’t have to worry about getting dressed immediately after and driving home.  You can continue to enjoy that wonderful relaxed space you’re now in after your GREAT massage…Ahhhhh.  PLUS – all that great vibratory energy that has been attracted to the space during your massage continues to nurture you. Click to read the areas we service for in-room massage in South Lake Tahoe.

Step #3

Prepare yourself for pampering.  Allow yourself some time before the massage to savor the anticipation and get into the mood.  Take a warm bath, meditate, light candles, un-wind with soothing music.  This extra preparation will enhance the effects of the GREAT massage you’re about to enjoy. Read more about massage, music, and stress

Step #4

Communication is key.  You know the old saying “different (massage) strokes for different folks.”  You have things you’d like the massage to address – a knot in your back, or a nagging headache, or pain in your neck.  Be sure to make all this known to the massage therapist in the beginning of your massage.  Give your massage therapist the whole inventory list and don’t hold back.   And you know how much massage pressure you prefer.  The more the massage therapist hears from you about what you most want from the massage, the GREATER your massage will be. Click to read more about "what are knots?", "what does massage do for stress?",  and "massage as art".

Step #5

Did you know that Genghis Khan, the great Mongolian conqueror, required his troops to receive a massage before battle?  If he could conqueror China and Russia with massage, what can you conqueror with massage?  What did he know about the effects of a GREAT massage?  He knew that after a GREAT massage his troops were much more effective, relaxed, and focused.  Allow yourself to melt into the massage, drift away with the soothing music – till you reach that “floaty” space between sleeping and waking where you’re aware of what’s going on around you…but who cares?  That is actually a deeply healing state where your body, mind and spirit can do great restorative work.  If you have trouble quieting your mind and releasing your thoughts, focus your attention on the massage therapist’s hands.  Follow their movements and focus on how the touch feels.  When the massage focuses on a tender or sensitive area, use your breath to relax more deeply.  Remind yourself to be open and receptive to the healing energy pouring into every cell and organ of your body. Click to read more about the benefits of massage.

Step #6

At the end of the massage don’t peel yourself off the massage table too quickly.  Rub your face gently before arising to help you re-enter the ‘real world’ smoothly and avoid dizziness.  Drink LOTS of water after a massage.  Why?  The massage has released any build-up of lactic acid, carbon dioxide and toxins that were stored in your body’s muscles, organs, and cells.  Your body uses water after the massage to flush these out of your system.  This process, initiated by the massage, will continue for a few days.  If you don’t drink lots of water after the massage to flush all this out, these biochemicals will remain in your system and you might feel sore or even ill.  That wouldn’t be a very desirable side effect of a GREAT massage.  Read more about massage and soreness.

Step #7

No matter how GREAT a massage is, there are times you need to put off having a massage.  Don’t get a massage when you have:
A severe cold, flu, or acute infectious disease.  A massage during these times may overload your system with toxins and make you feel worse.
A high fever
Acute injury immediately after an accident which resulted in whiplash, sprains, and soft tissue damage.  Massage at a later time will be more effective.
Acute conditions – things that are “flared up” temporarily like inflamed arthritis, phlebitis, psoriasis, and eczema
Alcohol or drug intoxication – massage is just not healthy when you’re intoxicated or heavily drugged.

Get a lighter massage when you have:
Varicose veins
High blood pressure that hasn’t been controlled by medication
Diabetes – deeper massage may cause a hypoglycemic reaction
A very frail, elderly constitution

Even though these conditions are not suggested for massage, you can get a GREAT energy treatment with any of these – and much, much more! Click to learn the 7 Secrets of a GREAT Energy Session.

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