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7 Secrets of Biogenesis Energy Sessions


We're more than just skin and bones. We're energy. We might have a "high energy" morning and a "low energy" afternoon. Sometimes our emotional energy is happy, sometimes cranky. Our thought energy might focus on a past event one minute and a future happening the next. If the whole idea of energy seems vague, it's probably because it's just so doggone obvious. Consider what the clear difference is between a live chicken and a dead chicken. The difference is "chi" - life energy. Everything's got it - including us. When life energy inhabits the physical form - it's a live chicken.

Life energy is quite generic until we give it a purpose and meaning. In essence, life energy is like a blank piece of paper - we use our emotions, thoughts, and physical actions to give it a title and write the words. The words we choose will elicit more emotions, thoughts, and physical actions. And so it goes - creating a pattern.

The pattern we create with life energy is uniquely us. It's how we know you are you and I am I. Even though identical twins have very similar physical forms, each has unique thoughts and emotions that define them as different from one another. Imagine that you answer your phone. You hear your favorite aunt's voice. Even though you can't physically see her - you know it's her because she has a unique energy pattern - her essence or spirit. Using your mind's eye - you know her.

It's been estimated that 99.99% of the thoughts and feelings that we had yesterday are the same ones we'll have today. We keep repeating the same energy patterns over and over. Doesn't leave much room for change, does it? Like putting an operating system on a computer, all our files are written and placed in order. Once the patterns are set, they're set.


Most of this is so subtle that we don't really stop to think about it. More immediate things are constantly grabbing our attention. Why think about something we don't have to think about? Just one more thing. Why not simply be on autopilot and go with the flow?

Autopilot is great if we've created patterns that express perfect health, wealth, and happiness. If not, we want to change that operating system and rewrite the files. But ugh - what a daunting task!

This is exactly what energy treatments are all about! Easily and effortlessly updating or removing our old, ingrained emotional and thought energy patterns to express our natural state of perfection. 


Perfection is our natural state. Contrary to outward appearance, this is something we all know deep in our hearts. Our task, should we accept it now, is to align our thoughts and feelings with this great Truth - to think and feel "I AM the activity and expression of Perfection." Even if it doesn't seem to be our present reality, repeating this as often as possible will start the ball rolling.

What does it do? Reprograms the old inaccurate belief that we're imperfect. As simple as that. Why not give it a try and see what happens? It takes 21 days to form a new habit, so try it for 21 days and if you don't like it - forget about it.


Brett was born in Boston. After high school he moved to the heart of Georgia to attend college. All his Georgia-raised classmates thought he talked with a funny accent. When summer vacation rolled around Brett went back to Boston. His old high school buddies picked up on his new Southern drawl and teased him about it. Question is - did he consciously change his accent or did it just seem to happen?

When we're exposed to speech patterns, we can pick them up without trying - whether it's an accent or a phrase that our friends use, like "chill, dude". Those patterns quickly become so engrained that we aren't even aware we're doing it.

Wouldn't it be great if all thought and emotional patterns were changed that easily - just by being exposed to it? Guess what! They are.

We've been exposed to the belief that we're imperfect ever since Adam and Eve. Very few Enlightened Beings have had the strength to focus steadily on the Truth of Perfection.


Speech is sound. Sound is a wave of energy. Picture a dolphin swimming up and down through the water creating a wave pattern. Let's name this one Alpha Dolphin. A second dolphin comes along side and swims in synchrony with Alpha. This swimming in synchrony with an existing wave pattern is called entrainment. The second dolphin entrains its movements to mimic Alpha as they travel side-by-side. Like these dolphins, our speech entrains to the Alpha pattern we hear and attune to. That's how we pick up an accent without conscious effort.


You might be aware that crystals reportedly have properties to help heal, create abundance, prosperity, and happiness.

Even though BioGenesis tools are made from crystal glass - that's where the similarity ends. BioGenesis tools are hand-crafted in German by the world's finest glass makers. Then they're shipped to Colorado where they go through the 3-day process of being infused with BioGenesis Energy - the energy of Perfection which makes all things possible.


Using the BioGenesis Tools is to swim with the Alpha thought, sound, and feelings of Perfection. Changes occur subtly, naturally, and without effort as your thoughts and feelings entrain to the tools' vibratory patterns which are the Divine blueprint of Perfection. All one has to do is use them. For this you can either call on us for sessions or contact BioGenesis, LLC and acquire a set for your home use (Recommended). Click for a description of our BioGenesis Energy Sessions.

For lots more information about the BioGenesis tools go to www.BioGenesisUSA.com

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