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Your South Lake Tahoe massage therapists for in room massage and spa service since 1984


Lake Tahoe vacations are a time of renewal and rejuvenation. What better time to indulge in an in room spa treatment than during your well-deserved Lake Tahoe vacation after a day of skiing, golf, hiking, or just to melt away the stress and tension of everyday life? And what better way to receive your massage and spa treatment than mobile massage delivered to your home or hotel room?

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Your own private Lake Tahoe day spa

delivered right to your door!


Massage + Lake Tahoe = a perfect combination after skiing, golf, or any of Lake Tahoe's energetic activities. One Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel guest remarked, “Massage goes with skiing like wine with dinner.” How true! In-room massage and spa treatments are the consummate complement to complete any Lake Tahoe vacation.

If you're visiting Lake Tahoe for a work-related conference, after sitting in a conference chair all day - how would it feel to have your aching back, sore shoulders, and tight neck stretched and soothed with an in room full body massage? Wonderful? Heavenly?

By request for couples massage or weddings and small groups, two or more therapists will work with you simultaneously making it possible for you to enjoy your appointments and still have the rest of the day for other activities.

  • Most highly and frequently recommended spa service by South Lake Tahoe concierge
  • Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel exclusive in room massage providers
  • Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Therapists Licensed and Insured

With Lake Tahoe spa,enjoy a profound sense of peace and well being as you renew your body and spirit.



An Association of Lake Tahoe Massage and Spa Therapists


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Providing therapeutic massage and spa treatments to South Lake Tahoe in room at your hotel or Lake Tahoe vacation home

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An Association of Massage Therapists has been selected for the 2009, 2010 & 2012 Best of South Lake Tahoe Award by the U.S. Commerce Association, recognized for outstanding service to their customers and community.

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If you need to cancel, reschedule or change your appointment time, please call our answering service at (530) 544-7621 as soon as possible. If on the slopes & reception is poor, you can try texting your therapist. Usually you have their cell number on your phone as they call and confirm appointments via cell phones to you. Should it become necessary to cancel an appointment, please do so 8 hours prior to the scheduled time or a $25 cancellation fee ‘per appointment’ is paid to the retained therapists for reserving the hour we've sold to you. As a courtesy, if you reschedule, fees will not occur, or will be rescinded.

Why Lake Tahoe In room massage and Spa?

Have you ever climbed back into your car after a wonderfully relaxing spa treatment, driven home through all the traffic, noise, and chaos only to find that your blissful state has all but disappeared? Why in room massage? Comfort! Convenience! Luxury! And best of all, you'll continue to enjoy the profound sense of peace and well being as you renew your body, mind, and spirit...Ahhhh.

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Recommendations, Reviews, Referrals for Lake Tahoe Spa

Whether you have received massages before, or are in the midst of your first experience, you no doubt recognize it is a challenge to find an experienced, well trained therapist. Referrals from others often can assist in your search. Local Lake Tahoe hotel concierge and previous clients have recommended our service with confidence:

“Harrahs V.I.P. department calls upon An Association of Lake Tahoe Massage and Spa Therapists to give in room massages to their invited Lake Tahoe V.I.P. guests because these guests expect the very best treatment when they are staying and playing at Harrah's Lake Tahoe. These V.I.P. guests are wealthy, well traveled people who get spa services often. They all agree that these Lake Tahoe therapists are the best!” Kathy Collins, Northern Sierra Concierge Association, President

“Their professionalism, promptness, and customer services are unsurpassed in their field. I'm proud to represent them with my guests. I highly recommend An Association of Lake Tahoe Massage and Spa Therapists as a wonderful amenity.” Jean Gurney, Lead Concierge, Embassy Suites Resort Lake Tahoe

“We receive numerous compliments from our guests regarding the treatments as well as the therapists pleasant dispositions. We truly enjoy having these massage therapists associated with our Hotel.” Steve Solberg, Hotel Manager, Embassy Suites Resort Lake Tahoe

Thank you so much for the amazing bodywork that you gave to Tom and I when we were just in Tahoe celebrating our one year anniversary.  I feel so blessed that we found you.  I love to meet talented people and consider it an honor and a privilege when I meet a healer.  I thank you for being so gifted and giving us some of our best bodywork ever! When I meet quality, like-minded persons I feel very blessed. Christine A., California

“The most INCREDIBLE therapist I have ever used! A FANTASTIC massage, for a GREAT VALUE also!!!” George Sims - Anns Hallmark owner, Sarasota, FL

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Lake Tahoe Massage and Spa Services


We bring a comfortable, sturdy professional table, fresh cotton linens, fragrant natural oils, and carefully selected music. After discussing your state of health and individual areas of concern, your Lake Tahoe spa therapist will design a spa or energy session specifically for you, using their knowledge and experience to ensure you receive a personalized treatment and enjoy the maximum benefits from your session.

Choose from Light Pressure Full Body Massage, Medium Pressure Full Body, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Back/Neck/Shoulder, Foot Reflexology, Mother to be Prenatal massage, Biogenesis Energy Treatment, or spa treatments -Heavenly Body Polish, Detoxifying Algae Wrap, Rehydrating Aloe Therapy Wrap, or Ultimate Spa Treatment.

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Your Lake Tahoe Massage and Spa Therapists


Our Lake Tahoe therapists combine years of experience with extensive study in a variety of massage and spa techniques to focus skilled touch in addressing your individual needs. After discussing your areas of concern, your therapist will design a session specifically for you, using their knowledge and experience to ensure you receive a personal treatment and enjoy the maximum benefits from your session.  Most important to our Tahoe massage therapists is that you feel comfortable, secure, and well-cared for at all times during your session.

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Lake Tahoe Massage License, Certification, Affiliation

Knowing your Lake Tahoe spa therapist has reliable and credible credentials assures you that they have met the standards of the profession. It is important for you to trust that the therapist who will be working with you is qualified and competent. The major credentials for the profession are licensing, certification, education and training, and membership in a professional association.

We are licensed by the State of Nevada and City of South Lake Tahoe, members of the American Massage Therapy Association, AMTA, and Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, NCTMB.

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About Lake Tahoe Massage and Spa Sessions

For information about massage and spa sessions, please see:

How to schedule an appointment with An Association of Lake Tahoe Spa Therapists

Lake Tahoe Areas we offer spa services

Lake Tahoe spa Frequently asked questions

How to massage video

How To Massage Like a Professional

FREE online video cours

Learn full body techniques used by professionals

  • Simple, easy to follow as you work along with the video step-by-step
  • Learn to massage with confidence
  • Connect with others on a profoundly healing level
  • Help friends and family enjoy a deep sense of peace and well-being
  • Full body course taught at colleges by nationally certified therapist and instructor with 34 years experience in teaching health and wellness


What's New at Lake Tahoe Massage and Spa

What's New? Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about massage, stress, soreness, contraindications, health issues, and company news.

An Association of Massage Therapists Receives 2010 Best of South Lake Tahoe Award  For the second consecutive year, An Association of Massage Therapists has been selected for the 2010 Best of South Lake Tahoe Award in the Massage Therapists category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA). Read full press release

What Are Knots? As you first lay down on the table and your Lake Tahoe spa therapist runs their hands down your back and around your shoulders you may feel areas of tightness and wonder “is that a knot?” What are knots?

What Does Massage Do For Stress? Research has confirmed that treatments help reduce stress by reducing adrenaline and increases circulation to visceral organs

Massage Music and Stress The music played in a Lake Thaoe spa session has the beat of a relaxed heart rate. Listening to this beat causes our heart rate to entrain to the beats relaxed rhythm.

Massage As Art Have you noticed that when you go to a new therapist and request a Swedish or sports session you are never sure exactly what you will get? Why is that? Which Lake Tahoe spa service will be best for you?

Massage and Soreness Why do we get so sore after a day of skiing, biking, running, or pulling the one armed bandit handle at the casinos? Does massage help relieve soreness? 

Massage Contraindications - cautions and considerations for specific health issues. You might wonder if it's alright to receive a session when you have a health issue or condition. Here's a brief reference list of the contraindications and indications for some of the more common health issues and how we may modify your session for these health conditions. A contraindication means it's not advisable on particular parts of the body or in general. An indication means it's alright to work without any additional caution. This information may help you determine if scheduling a Lake Tahoe spa session will be appropriate for you.

Facial self massage and Sjogren's Syndrome: parotid, submandibular, submental, and lacrimal areas Although there is currently no research available on the effectiveness of massage for Sjogren's Syndrome, extensive research concludes that moderate massage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, relieving anxiety and pain, and increasing blood flow.
Via parasympathetic stimulation, it is possible that facial self-massage may enhance the PNS production of water-rich serous saliva.

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Lake Tahoe Massage Articles

Massage Articles
Articles to enhance your massage experience.

7 Steps to a Great Massage
Specific steps are explained to assure that you achieve the maximum benefit from your Lake Tahoe spa session with us and enjoy the best experience possible, from your first contact with us through your session and beyond.

What is Biogenesis Energy ?
What is BioGenesis energy and what does it do? Biogenesis Energy is ever-renewing, ever refreshing, and a technology that was last used in the days of Atlantis.What happens in a Biogenesis session? What are the tools of Biogenesis? Does it really work? What's the history? What IS an energy treatment all about?

What are Massage Licensing, Certification, and Accreditation?
Knowing your Lake Tahoe spa therapist has reliable and credible credentials assures you that they have met the standards of the profession. It's important for you to trust that the therapist who will be touching you is qualified and competent.

Massage Techniques Research
Researchers are exploring the effectiveness of numerous techniques such as reflexology, acupressure, aromatherapy, Trager, Reiki, Alexander technique, Therapeutic Touch, relaxation, for possible improvements in conditions such as low back pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, muscle soreness, stress, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and cancer patients. This research is confirming what many have experienced and observed through personal experience - improvements in a variety of symptoms and conditions. Listed here are a few of the published findings.

The Benefits of Massage
Over 8,000 citations and abstracts are currently available in the PubMed database. Much needed research concerning the effects and benefits of these treatments is exploding.

Massage for Sun Signs
Each of the astrological sun signs have a signature personality type and rule a part of the body's anatomy. Here are a few lighthearted tips for working with the sun signs.

I'll Bet You Have Some Stories To Tell!
After working with thousands...and thousands of clients over 15-30 years in practice, each of our Lake Tahoe spa therapists have at least a few stories to tell about situations that have made us smile or helped us grow as therapists. Here are a few of our most treasured memories.

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